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Where Lube TV ended, A Slippery Slope podcast continues with discussions of Austin TX film, music and art with plenty of comedic banter between Mark, Lodger and their guests.

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Episode 44


Pre-Show: It's an Idiocracy Comrade, Bernie Sanders is a time traveler, What's so good about Good Cooper, Travel talk, Cat drama, Nobody wants to get your sperm in the mail, A Slippery Slope from spitting in a cup to jerking off dinosaurs, Statistics and trolls, Goooooly.... Turner Classic Movies salutes Gay Hollywood, 28:26 Let's start the show and talk about fun stuff, Episode 44 – The Sailboats Episode, The evolution of the armfart, Kurt Vonnegut, Venus on the Half-Shell, Galapagos, 25:47 – The Show officially starts, Dr. Demento, Would you watch a Wire coverband open for Wire? Peter Murphy, Bryan Ferry, Super Creeps, Tyler Oakley, WORST SEGUE EVER from the best co-host ever, 48:15 People Who Died segment begins, Adam West, Batman, Family Guy, Glenne Headley, Mr. Holland's Opus, Breakfast of Champions , Anita Pallenberg, A.R. Gurney, Brandon Rogers, Sam Panopoulos, Happy Joe's Pizza and Ice Cream, Central Market and Whole Foods, 1:09:05 People Who Died segment ends, 360 Amphitheater, Sierra talks about Muse, 30 Seconds to Mars, Jared Leto, Grimes, Fuck you Celine Dion, 1:27:00 Twin Peaks moment begins – Episode 6, Julee Cruise, Sonny Jim Jones got the clap, The one-armed man talks to Cooper/Dougie, Cooper in a mental retardation limbo, What does the traffic light mean in Twin Peaks? What does the ceiling fan mean in Twin Peaks? Laura Dern, Balthazar Getty, Robert Loggia, Richard Horne is a crybaby pussy, Harry Dean Stanton, Fire Walk with Me, Fat Trout Trailer Park, Gibby Haynes, Bates Motel, Ryan Hurst, Sons of Anarchy, Remember Richard and Linda, The return of Heidi, Mom and son and giant truck, Is Richard Horne an evil fuck – or just a dumb kid, Is 119 is 911 backwards, Minature Vin Deisel (MinVin), Jeremy Davies, Naomi Watts, Nez Perce, Sharon Van Etten, 2:11:59 – TV Heaven segment begins, Fear the Walking Dead – TEOTWAWKI, Godz Chosen, Geoff gives head, The return of Daniel Salazar, Ruben Blades Nick's homoerotic hog hunt, Talking Dead, Chris Hardwick, Chris Sullivan wearing black nail polish, We are raging This is Us-ers, Fargo – Who Rules the Land of Denial, DJ Qualls as The Golem, Ray Fucking Wise, Goran Bogdan, Fargo – Aporia, 2 more Stussys down, Ewan McGregor, Shea Wigham, David Thewlis, Carrie Coon, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Winnie and Gloria deserve a spin-off, Hamish Linklater, Fargo – The Movie, Barton Fink, The Man Who Wasn't There, Oblique Strategy, Grotesque Tables II

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